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What is ExoticBooking?

ExoticBooking is an online bookings platform for exotic services. It is an extension of ArcromExotic. Haircut, wax, manicure - or whichever treatment you're after - here you can book your appointment. Our mission is to create the perfect hair and exotic experience. We want to make booking exotic, styling and wellness appointments simple, effortless and fast.

How to use the booking system?

You just need to Register and Login into your account. Then you can book your appointments in 3 easy steps: find a salon, choose an exotic service, pick date and time.

How to register a salon?

Interested in listing your salon in ExoticBooking? Good call. Stay Tuned!
COMING SOON: "Register a Salon" option for all users.
With ExoticBooking managing your schedule would be easy as never before.